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Record Players and Crosley Record Players at CoolRecordPlayers.com

The Crosley Revolution (Battery Powered Turntable!)

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Crosley Memory Master II CD Recorder/USB

Crosley Executive Portable USB Turntable

Nostalgic Record Players for the true music afficionado. Putting a new spin on the way you listen to music!

Welcome to Cool Record Players, where we're bringing you nothing but the best in uniquely innovative home entertainment. From record players, jukeboxes and turntables to complete home entertainment audio equipment packages and more, we're your premier online retailer for quality and service.

We have a vast selection with over 50 different record players! All our nostalgic record players come with a 30 day warranty and a one year manufacturers warranty. With that kind of selection and service your sure to find the right fit for you or your vinyl loving friend at Cool Record Players. 

Whether you're looking for oak turntable stands or retro styled record players, we've got just what you've been looking for in nostalgic turntables & CD equipment. We have Crosley radios, portable turntables, Jensen turntables, vinyl and tape to CD recording record players, USB record players and so much more. You can put your vinyl straight to CD with a built in CD Burner on some models. On others, you can copy your vinyl to your computer via a USB cord. Some record players also allow you to convert cassettes to CD as well.

You can find more information about these options on our record players page where we have them grouped by their capabilites. At Cool Record Players, we're bringing you the best in record player and audio equipment, reminiscent of a bygone era.

When it comes to Crosley record players and home entertainment audio equipment, you can count on Cool Record Players to stand behind our products 100%. Offering unparalleled customer service, satisfaction and support, you can be confident when you buy a new record player or a portable turntable from us.

Offering a great selection of record pl
ayers, turntables, Crosley Jukeboxes, record player stands, record player needles, turntable accessories, portable record players and record carriers, Cool Record Players is just what you've been looking for in home entertainment audio equipment. 

You too will be mesmerized!!!

Music Lovers Enjoy!!

Listen to your whole music collection with one easy to move 4 in 1 record player! Spin your way back to the nostalgic moments of yester-year. Play your old mixed tapes. Listen to the radio. Go from the vintage sound of a record player to the crisp, clean sound of a CD. 

Preserve your record collection! Use our record cleaning kits to keep your vinyl clean. Replace your needle for a crisper sound and then record your vinyl to CD with the Crosley Memory Master II or Crosley Performer featured on our record player page. Record your vinyl onto your computer and then transfer it to any Digital Medium like an iPod via a USB record player like the The Troubadour or Crosley Keepsake featured on our portable record player page.

All this on one high quality sounding machine!! 
Listen to the way it really was fresh off the needle. Enjoy the little snaps and pops and the intimacy and realness that only vinyl brings. Search through dollar record bins and find some of the greatest albums the planet has known for a fraction of the cost. Or enjoy the crisp clean sound of a compact disc.

Great for the cabin, office, bedroom, living room, basement, apartment, dorm room, or porch; this Home entertainment audio equipment will class up any room and bring with them originality and sophistication of a true music lover. Connect to your home stereo system with our Aux Out feature offered on many of our record players like The Archiver or The Crosley Oval from our Turntable page. With this option you can take your ear to a new level by adding speakers. Hear your vinyl through a bose speaker system or surround sound. Our Aux in feature allows you to play your iPod or other portable devices though your record player. All your music needs in one great sounding and easy to manuever player. 

Many of our record players are available in several different colors. Match up your record player with one of our cherry, paprika, black or oak turntable stands. Our record player stands can be the perfect addition to tie together a room and feature your love for vinyl. 

We also carry a full range of record player accessories and needles. From 45 adaptors to crosley and jensen replacement needles to leather vinyl carriers to record cleaning kits, Cool Record Players offers a full line to compliment your turntable and vinyl collection. 

Don't worry about buying a CD player, tape deck,
record player, receiver and speakers and then hauling everything around everywhere you go. Forget about the wiring. These beautiful vintage record players make everything easy so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the music!
Now you know, when it comes to oak turntable stands and vintage turntables, we've got one of the best collections you'll find. With our exclusive product offering your search is over for record players and turntables from industry leaders. From Crosley record players and Crosley turntables to complete, nostalgic turntable & CD packages, we're glad you've made Cool Record Players your first choice in home entertainment audio.

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