Making Urine Drug Tests Work

To be on the safe side, you should do a practice run. You can buy drug tests at your local pharmacy. Before the day of your test, take the detox drink, and after an hour or two, you should consider the drug test. If you can pass at home, there is a good chance that you will pass at the clinic as well.

When you do go in for the official test, be sure to time everything out the same way that you did when you did your practice run. Also, be aware that the detox drinks on the market today don’t taste very good. There are plenty of sites online that have recipes for detox drinks. Most of these drinks are not effective. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your time in making them. You also shouldn’t take the risk.  

Use Substitute or Synthetic Urine

If you know someone who does not use drugs and they can produce a clean sample, they could give you their sample. If you don’t know any who can or who is willing to provide you with a urine sample, there are websites that sell synthetic urine. If you are going to use this method to pass your test, you should understand that it can be hazardous.

Since synthetic urine has become available online, more and more testing facilities are running additional checks to see if the urine is real, so it is important to get the best fake urine to pass a drug test. If you go to a facility that tests for synthetic urine, you could fail the test. When you go in for the test, your urine would need to be at room temperature when it goes into the cup.

If the temperature of the urine is too warm, the technician will know. If the temperature of your urine is too cold, the tech will know that too. One way to ensure that the temperature of your urine is perfect is to keep it close to your leg before going in for the test. Holding the urine against your leg with a rubber band will keep it warm until you arrive at the testing center.

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